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What if you could bring structure to your global infrastructure?

With terminal,
now you can.

The Platform

Terminal is a contract and product lifecycle management platform purpose built to manage global Enterprise technology contracts in a way traditional one-size-fits-all solutions simply can’t.

And powering it all? Our
AI Architect
AI Architect™ engine. Specially modeled to unlock this data rich but uniquely complex world.
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  1. Smart* Product Lifecycle Management

    At its core, Terminal’s purpose is to bring order to the complex world of Enterprise companies managing their global technology infrastructure. From OCR to API, our platform is designed to ingest and organize large scale data and document sets. But anyone can do that, right?

    Well, can anyone track contracts through supplier consolidation (contract lineage), at the product level, while infusing real-time market data analytics powered by our natural language interface AI engine? Didn’t think so.

    *We’re deploying some cool AI and here’s (some of ) what it does

  2. Dynamic Timelines

    Another contract auto-renewed? Let’s start by getting control of contract timelines to put an end to that. Now let’s add dynamic market driven pricing data triggers, projected replacement provider installation windows, ETF crossovers and more.

    TLDR: Our timeline is your contract management lifeline.

  3. Global Asset Mapping

    Milliseconds matter. Product and route diversity matter. Mapping your global infrastructure matters, so let’s elevate that experience and give it the attention it deserves (sorry, Google Earth).

    From KMZ’s to Data Centers to Offices (and Studios, and Retail Locations, and…), look at your infrastructure in a way that finally brings together both the visual and contractual data on a single customizable layer-based map.

    Looking at a new quote with multiple route options? Check Check
    Need to track what’s being provisioned along with already live assets? Check Check
    Want Terminal to tell you when it finds an under budget + lower latency route from LA - Tokyo? Check, Check Check Check

    Welcome to your network sandbox.

  4. Installation Tracking

    Murky timelines and unknown steps relating to network product installations are, essentially, black holes consuming us with spreadsheets, endless email threads and a lot of wasted time.

    How long will this really take? What are the next steps? Where’s that LOA again?

    Terminal may not be able to fix a contracted telco and their projected 90-120 day install timeline, but we can provide template based milestone tracking and data driven projections as to likely service delivery dates (which, BTW, looks more like 147 days so plan accordingly).

  • AI Architect

    Natural Language Queries

    We’ll soon be deploying a natural language text + voice search engine so you can order us around with ease. So when you say “Hey, Terminal. Show me my European 100 Gig Waves over €2,500 EUR that expire in under 6 months and include the expected renewal pricing”, we’ll jump right on it (well our servers won’t jump but they’’ll certainly get a workout).

  • Real Time Analytics + Solution Building

    As we expand our contract universe, we’ll soon be able to provide market based real-time analytics. You’ll not only have a 24/7 running audit of your contracts vs the market, but you’ll also be provided anonymized insight as to what’s next. Whether that be projected renewal pricing or alternative solutions that may be a better fit for your business environment, we’ll be there to help guide the way.

  • Automated Report Building

    QBR’s. Executive summaries. Forecasting and budgeting. You name a report need and right now there is somebody toiling away building one.

    With Terminal, our development roadmap plans to take advantage of the data we’ve already extracted to power the platform, and let our AI turn that into meaningful reports of your choosing. From automated to ad-hoc, you’ll be able to simply tell Terminal what you want and it’ll get it done, no toiling required.

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